I fly relatively frequently. I would guess I am on a plane anywhere from 20-30 times a year. There are many that travel more times and miles than me, but it is reasonably safe to say I know my way around a few airports in this country as well as internationally.

I have my own businesses, so the vast majority of times I fly it is on my dime. I do not fly private and rarely spend the extra coin to fly business or first class since the fares are on me. I have friends and acquaintances along all walks of life, and spend considerable time talking shop with other frequent fliers. I know some that regularly fly private, and their experiences give me something to shoot for in future goals, though the exorbitant costs truly only make the experience worth it for a privileged few. READ MORE

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KING RICH is the President and Ceo of Street Illustrated Inc. From the Street to the Corporate World, he is committed to bringing the Urban Life Style to the Mainstream.

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