Compton has long been on the lips of hip-hop connoisseurs. The LA County city is known as a concrete jungle that is home to warring gang factions. However, most outsiders’ only taste of Compton come in samples, through rap songs, movies and documentaries. A&E decided to take  moren in-depth look at the city, by teaming with figures intimate with the Compton streets, including superstar Cali emcee The Game, to produce its new series, Streets of Compton.

The network describes, “A&E’s 3-hour documentary mini-series, tells the true story of the the City of Compton, revealing how a city overrun by gang and drugs became a cultural powerhouse.”

“The Streets of Compton is a documentary about the real truth and talking to real people that’s really from those streets,” executive producer Cash “Wack 100” Jones detailed. Displeased with the material done on Compton in the past, Jones (a member of the an Fernando Valley-based Pakioma Pirus). and producer Dairold “Wacko” Potts cliqued up with The Game to do the series. The series will take viewers through many, usually off-limits, blocks and speak with various sets. A&E touts that Game “brings unprecedented access to the streets of his hometown.” “It was all love, because I’ve always kept myself grassrooted in the city and I play the politics right,” Game explained onBig Boy’s Neighborhood, regarding his connection to Compton. “Ninety percent of the cats that’s from Compton, when they make it out, then they go back, it ain’t all good.”

“It takes politics an respect to bring certain people out,” Jones said in regards to the “access” A&E needed.

The trailer, Game’s interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood, and the first two episodes of Streets Of Compton can be found below:

Episode 1: Parts 1 & 2 [In this episode, a quiet suburban city transforms into a dangerous ghetto and spawns a new form of hip hop with legendary group N.W.A and careers of Venus and Serena Williams and comedian Paul Rodriguez.]

Episode 2: Part 3 [In this episode, the city tries to recover from the crack epidemic as a new generation finds its voice. The Game, Venus and Serena Williams and Kendrick Lamar make their mark on global culture.]


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