Highlighting this week’s rising artist, Style Sector meets up with Virginia rapper Young Crazy, for an exclusive lifestyle editorial on his personal style.

yc100What does style mean to you?

“Style is like your own unspoken representation. Like I don’t even gotta say nun half the time I can jus pullup wit this camppp nigga demeanor, camp shirt n’ nice kicks and get the same love as the nigga in the Armani suite. These niggas takin errbody else style these days tho”

rrttWhat prominent artist are you inspired by style-wise?

“Umm nobody forreal .. but growin up its Gucci Mane! He influenced me at a very young age to always keep some gold on n some diamonds for them ppl to see. Like in Norfolk , jewelry is part of your wardrobe.. cant leave the crib without yuh earrings n sh*t lol”

uuuWhat are your favorite places to shop and favorite brands?

“I cant even lie when it come to clothes I be on sum CrazyCamp mascot shit so I’m damn there throwin my logo on any shirt, hoodie, or jacket I get. But like jeans I be f*ckin up Pacsun n all the place that got the official skinny jeans! Shoes always been Nikes! High top basketball type nikes like foamposites n airforces.. I cant lie I been f*ckin dem ppl up wit the Guiseppe Zanotti and Maison Margielas n da rest of the high ass foot fashion lol”

dccDescribe your personal style?

“I’m really on sum crazycamp shirt.. skinny jeans and crazy pair of kicks type sh*t! With a nice watch n a chain or 3, lol sh*t like that. ppl fuck with me and I aint seekin no attention so that clothes addiction sh*t aint over here! I been puttin clothes on killin dem ppl my whole life. Salute my hardworkin ass mama that would be broke but keep us fresh as fuck ! lol”





Producer/Creative Director: VENUS ROSE

Photographer: REALJAYLIFE

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