No offense all respect given. Yet please be aware, awareness is key to freedom. Rule one is to never believe you have no choice. Let no one tell you or convince you other wise.
I am not saying the streets can stop over night, I am saying our will can bring a change to the streets in a week.
Not every hustler really has his spirit in it and takes the good with the bad and handles the world they created. Be clear the streets are not made for business, the streets was a dare during slavery as our only form of communication.
Now remember awareness is key so at some point handling your business in the street became illegal.
So now the streets came to your house.
See Momma was a hustler in her own right she had the best product on the block, a strong family.
Tradition, unity, teaching, building, loving, earning, protecting, growing, etc..
Master would do anything to control this product. And yes this is what you are and do. Produce product in a system in which you feel you have no choice. Hate the master hate the slave and hate yourself unknowingly.
So am I master or slave?
This is when and where the difficulty of the visionary, the dreamer, leader or rebel gets put in danger. Speaking up and out for the silent and unknowing.
What if a hustlers ambition was to uplift by selling apples instead of weed? Is the true meaning of hustle doing what you want or what you need?
The rebels are always silenced while the house hustlers are always praised! How are we a culture who glorifies drug dealers before dads, murderers before moms and post fights for likes on social media screaming black power when it’s convenient, consume products beyond our budget while calling the church a gimmick and praying to the same God for riches and healing.
Please understand I am not saying the streets serve no purpose, I am saying understand the purpose YOU serve!
Do not fall victims to being a street slave!

Life’s A Lesson!
Stay Original!
Peace and Blessings
Original Leonard BenjaminStreet Slave pic

About the Author
KING RICH is the President and Ceo of Street Illustrated Inc. From the Street to the Corporate World, he is committed to bringing the Urban Life Style to the Mainstream.

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