In the cult classic documentary Cocaine Cowboys, it is revealed that the cocaine trade of the 1980s made the glamorous city of Miami what it is today. Though there is no Griselda Blanco ruling the city today, the coke culture continues, with kilos selling for 20 to 30 racks, on the street. However, it’s not just Colombians exporting coke to the 305. According to the Miami Herald, Haiti has been labeled by the authorities as “a high-risk country for cocaine boats,” and vessels from the nation are routinely searched by customs agents along the Miami River. Such was the case Lisanne, a 210-foot, steel Haitian freighter. On board, agents made the most significant blow bust for Miami in more than a decade.

The Herald reports that a staggering haul of 2,000 pounds was found “in compartments welded into the decking plate” of the ship on Tuesday night. Upon further inspection, customs personnel “drilled and found additional kilo packages hidden in a second compartment.” No arrests were made, but the ship’s crew of seven to nine people was taken into custody. They are likely to be deported.

The Herald detailed other massive cocaine busts in Miami in recent years:

In earlier cocaine busts, in February 2015, Customs and Border Protection found nearly 800 pounds of cocaine hidden inside a 180-foot cargo vessel on the Miami River. In August that year, 55 cocaine-filled, brick-shaped packages were found aboard the Gulf Trader that was docked at a shipping yard on the Miami River after arriving from Cap-Haïtien.

In September 2015, 136 kilograms of cocaine in brick-shaped packages were found aboard the Ana Cecilia after the cargo vessel docked on the river from Haiti. The Ana Cecilia will be sunk in July in West Palm Beach to create an artificial reef, customs is expected to announce soon.

A 598-pound batch of cocaine was discovered by Customs at Miami International Airport stashed in an 11,000-pound hydraulic cylinder in December 2009. 


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