South Beach VFW Hall Busted For Cocaine & Gambling


No matter where you live in the United States, there is more than likely a VFW hall in or nearby your city or town. These halls are established by the Veterans of Foreign Wars and serve as a place for former military servicemen to commune together. In contrast to its glitz and glam, South Beach in Miami was home to VFW Hall 3559, a dive bar, located in the Floridian hotel, where vets and young folks came to shoot pool and enjoy $3 beers. However, in true Miami fashion, the hall is currently closed after a police sting which uncovered cocaine and gambling operations being run out of it.

Detectives with the Miami Beach Police got hip to the dark dealings in the bar after watching Miguel Sacerio. The 61-year-old had a felony arrest for cocaine on his record from 2010. Although those charges were dropped, the cops were still interested in keeping tabs on Sacerio. According to the Miami New Times:

Beginning last November, an undercover detective began buying $20 worth of coke from him inside the VFW hall. 

After three buys at the bar, the detective told Sacerio he wanted more — two full ounces, which would cost $2,400, Sacerio said. On January 21, they set up a buy at 16th Street and Jefferson Avenue. When Sacerio got into the detective’s car, he balked.

“I have it in my pocket,” he said, according to a police report. “What is wrong with you, you want me to show it to you here in the street?”

That’s when police swooped in and arrested Sacerio.

Additionally, the authorities took interest in an electronic slot machine located in the back of the hall. In April, a detective purchased $20 worth of credits on the machine. He played and lost most of his credits, until he hit a jackpot for $20. He took his ticket to the bar where 50-year-old bartender Resty Cordova paid him his winnings in cash. Last week, the forces raided the bar and arrested Cordova. When they went to handcuff him,the bartender dropped a baggie containing five grams of coke and four Xanax pills.

Sacerio has been charged with cocaine possession, intent to sell and drug trafficking. Cordova has been slapped with felony charges of cocaine possession, gambling, and possession of a controlled substance.

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