Political correctness is a pain in the butt. I often write about empathy, compassion and social injustice, but even the strong belief in those areas does not stop me from saying that I cannot keep up with the sensitivity that exists across the board disguised under the banner of political correctness. It is important to be empathetic toward others, but political correctness is sometimes stifling and overwhelming to try and keep up with.

In general, they say that you should avoid talking with people about religion and politics. Normally I avoid those discussions. For the last two years politics has been nearly impossible to avoid all together.The more recent Trump administration’s attempted ban on immigrants from seven predominately Muslim practicing countries, has made those discussions increasingly difficult to avoid as well. READ MORE

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KING RICH is the President and Ceo of Street Illustrated Inc. From the Street to the Corporate World, he is committed to bringing the Urban Life Style to the Mainstream.

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