The topic of Race in America is an uneasy one for most Americans. It is not a fun topic. It is not a light topic. It often conjures up emotions, memories and associations that are not usually pleasant. Yet, America’s long and storied history with Race (along with its consistent present), dictates that discussions need to be had, regardless of the discomfort they may cause.

Diaryofamadmind.com has begun to develop a strong and loyal international following. In some interactions with our international readers (particularly European), both People Of Color (POC) as well as Caucasian I have been asked why Americans seem to be so stuck on race and color.

It’s a fair question. I am never dismissive of the different perspectives that people have of The United States overall. It is also not necessarily an easy or simple question, but I always attempt to give an answer to those generally from relatively homogeneous societies, where even if there are a mixture of colors, nationalities and races, the overwhelming and historically dominant White populations have histories very different than our own. READ MORE

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KING RICH is the President and Ceo of Street Illustrated Inc. From the Street to the Corporate World, he is committed to bringing the Urban Life Style to the Mainstream.

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