Pain Relief with Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation(Tens Unit)

Tens Machine or Tens (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) Unit uses low electrical impulses to block pain messages from reaching the patients brain, therefore dulling the sensitivity to pain. Tens machine aids in more production of endorphin , which are natural pain killers and also other pain relief chemicals.

It can cure pain from disorders, diseases and injuries as well, and now it is a fact that it can also cure chronic pain, we can say its an alternative for physical therapy, as it improves blood circulation in the system.

For decades, people have been using Tens machine for back pain, other treatments for back pain includes surgical procedures, medication. But often medication have addictive risks, Unlike Tens which has no side effects.

Reasons To Use Tens Machine

Tens Unit therapy is not invasive like physical therapy, surgical procedures and medication.

It has no side effects and no risks of addiction like pain relief drugs.

It can relieve stress by producing more endorphin and improves blood circulation in the system.

Comes in various sizes and frequency so can use at home or while travelling.

It is faster compared to other pain relief procedures and it is said to help in muscle recovery.

Don’t Use Tens machine

If you’re in the shower or anywhere around water.

When you’re driving or sleeping.

If you’re using pacemaker or epileptic or have any heart problems.

If you don’t know the root of your pain (consult your doctor first).

If a rash or burn appears beneath the electrodes and stays more than six hours.

Where to Buy Tens Machine

It has been on the market for decades now, and is available at almost every online shop. Tens is always safe when used properly. You can buy your own personal Tens unit online right now, and it will be the greatest solution for your back pain problem.

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