Some of the best memories from Michael Green Jr.’s childhood involve riding around in the car with his step-father, Corie.

The progressive hip-hop artist from Minneapolis now known as Prizzy Icky credits his step-father for introducing him to music and rap and for encouraging his pursuit of music over the years. And it was during those car rides that his appreciation for different genres of music first took hold on his life.

“Back in the day we had a radio station called Beat 96,” Prizzy Icky said. “And we would sit in the car and listen to the radio all day. He would tell me to rap over the tracks we heard on the radio. It was kind of a test … a way for me to practice. He told me to block out their raps and focus on the beat. Then he’d give me a subject and I’d rap to it. And I would just practice and practice until I got good.”

That early practice has paid off, as today Prizzy is one of the fastest-rising young talents in Minneapolis, and is already well on his way toward making a name for himself in the hip-hop world nationally. His EP “Needle in a Haystack,” which was released last year, has received some positive reviews and helped toward developing an ever-increasing fan-base. It’s an EP that he said showcases his unique sound and highlights a variety of hip-hop sub-genres.

“There are some old-school tracks on there and some dirty south tracks in there,” he said. “It’s one of those projects where I get my toe in different genres. It was my statement to people saying I got my own sound, and if you want to hear it then here it is.”

Prizzy is ready to follow that up with a second EP that’s he’s planning to drop on April 12. It’s a six-song project called “Minnezuela,” and he said he created it with the intention of putting Minneapolis on the map in the world of hip-hop.


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