michael-dowdIt seems as if every day there is a new video showing police doing citizens dirty. People are scratching their heads in disbelief, and wondering if police corruption could really be this deep. There was a documentary produced in 2014 that illustrates just how deep the rabbit hole could go. The Seven Five documentary chronicles the sinister partnership between NYPD police officer Michael Dowd (along with his team of police officers) and 1980’s and 90’s drug baron, Adam Diaz. The chilling documentary is a look inside just how deep police corruption can go. It plays more like a tale of the streets than a tale of the police. The telling point of the documentary is when one of the officers were asked, why didn’t they turn their murderous, drug-dealing, corrupt partner in? He responded, “Because he was still an officer.” That should tell you just how thick the Thin Blue Line is.

As if this story couldn’t get any more bizarre, the subjects of the documentary, ex-cop Michael Dowd and drug baron Adam Dowd continued their partnership after prison. They recently formed a cigar line together that was modeled after their exploits in the drug game. View the trailer for the documentary below.



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