Mud Butt Meds Are The New Wave For Dope Fiends


Usually, Imodium AD is the fix for folks who have diarrhea. Nowadays, it is being used as an alternative fix for heroin/opioid addicts. The medication is attractive to dope fiends because it is a cheaper and more accessible alternative to real smack, according to a study by the Annals of Emergency Medicine.

Loperamide, the main ingredient in Imodium AD,  “causes intestinal slow-down, which helps stop diarrhea, but it is an opioid,” reports CBS. “It’s an opioid agent and it helps to bind receptors in the brain and cause a similar euphoria or high,” said Northwell Health addiction specialist Dr. Scott Krakower.

According to CBS:

According to the study, Imodium A-D, in large doses, works in the body the same way as heroin, morphine and oxycodone. However, Imodium A-D is a much cheaper alternative, as big box stores sell 400 tablets for less than $10.

It, reportedly, takes a massive amount of Imodium AD to produce a high, meaning addicts are popping anywhere from 50 to 300 over-the-counter anti-mud butt pills to get zooted. “Folks that are desperately addicted, folks that are looking to stave off withdrawal symptoms will do whatever it takes sometimes, really extreme things,” explained Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds, of the Family and Children’s Association. “So in the scheme of things, taking 300 pills is not unheard of.”

High levels of the medication in the body can be hazardous. Over-use can lead to heart disease, liver and kidney failure or, ultimately, death. Research shows that loperamide-related calls to the National Poison Center increased by 71% from 2011 to 2014




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