Meth remains a drug-of-choice for many throughout the world. When one thinks of meth, they’ll probably think of some country bumpkins cooking it up in their home labs (which are prone to explosion), but crystal is big business for drug lords all over. It would seem that drug activity in the Philippines  would simmer down after President Rodrigo Duterte put a price on the head of all drug dealers, many of whom’s blood has been spilled. However, the dealers are still getting busy, evidenced by an extensive meth bust announced on Tuesday, said to be the biggest in the history of the Philippines.

The raids were the product of a four month investigation The Filipino authorities seized 890 kilos (about 2,000 pounds) of crystal meth in a series of raids this month, worth $120 million. According to CNN, “Another 290 gallons (1,110 liters) of the drug in its liquid form were confiscated.”  CNN reported further:

The operation was the result of a four month probe by the country’s National Bureau of Investigation after receiving a tip about a Chinese organization manufacturing and distributing illegal drugs, according to a press release.

At a news conference in Manila on Tuesday, Philippines Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre revealed, “It is not only the biggest haul for this year, but so far the biggest in history.”

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