There have been many a chain that has passed through hip-hop history. There are classics–from Master P’s No Limit tank to 50 Cent’s G-Unit spinner medallion–that have wowed fans over the years. Though the big, gaudy chains of yesteryear are not as fashionable today, Cali mainstay Nipsey Hussle may rejuvenate the chain game withhis new bling.

Nipsey’s chunky gold chain may be the first 100% smokeable chain ever. It is filled with a few zips of loud, wrapped in gold leaf papers. TMZ describes:

Nipsey’s new piece is every stoner’s dream … 100 grams of weed rolled into joints with gold papers, and then linked together. The giant pendant is toke-ready too!

The handiwork was done by professional joint roller Tony Greenhand — yes, that’s a job, and you gotta love his name. We’re told the papers alone cost $300, and the pendant is loaded with $3,000 worth of pot … retail price, of course.

Check out some photos of Nipsey Hussle’s new chain below:

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