Synthetic cannabis is one of the most popular drugs to hit the market in recent years. People buy it thinking they are getting something that is a safe alternative to weed (that won’t show up on drug tests), but it has turned out to be very dangerous. Law enforcement is cracking down on synthetic bud distributors (mainly corner stores and gas stations), especially in New York City. The latest fak pot peddler to go down is East Harlem deli owner Yousif Mosleh. Yesterday, he was arrested on two counts of distribution and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance and one count of conspiracy to violate the statutes and regulations governing the food stamp program. The latter stems from his alleged acceptance of food stamps as payment for his product, out f his Lexington Ave. deli.

According to the NY Daily News:

A confidential witness spotted Mosleh, 26, selling the dangerous drug in June 2015 — then bought some from him with food stamps.

The same confidential witness went back to the deli in July 2015 and made another such purchase, prosecutors say.

Cops confiscated 1,000 packs of K2 — marketed under the names “Xtreme,” “Kisha Cole,” and “AK-47” -— from the deli on July 23 of that year.

A week later, while arresting him “on charges unrelated to this investigation,” NYPD cops seized another 1,396 packs, the criminal complaint charges.

If convicted, Mosleh could sit in prison for a potential 45 years.

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