Fishscale Goin’ On Retail: 20 Kilos Of Cocaine Seized In Shipment Of Frozen Fish


Cocaine traffickers are force to find all types of ways to get their product from point A to point B without it being detected by the authorities. In many situations, we see smugglers using shipments of food products to get drugs to the streets. On Saturday, Triston Daniels and Troy Gonsalves were arraigned for participating in such a scheme. Their means of smuggling was a shipment of frozen fish.

It all began on May 4, when customs personnel seized an air cargo shipment of “large, frozen fish” at Miami International Airport. When agents filleted the fish, they found them stuffed with cocaine. In all, 20 kilos were discovered, reportedly worth $600,000. According to the NY Daily News:

The fish was replaced in the shipping boxes and transported by truck to a storage facility in Queens which was kept under surveillance, Varrone’s complaint states.

Daniels, 32, and Gonsalves, 33, showed up at the warehouse on Friday in a white van. They picked up the boxes and drove to another storage facility in Brooklyn where they were arrested as they unloaded the van.

According to the report, Gonsalves revealed that Daniels told him that the shipment contained drugs. At their arraignment at Brooklyn Federal Court, Gonsalves and Daniels were released on $150,000 bail.

The “unidentified importer” of the fish shipment is reportedly located in Queens, and was tied to a shipment of 82 kilos of blow from Guyana that was also seized at Miami International.



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