Power 105 The Breakfast Club’s DJ Envy is known as the laid back voice of the morning show trio. King of the rhetorical question (“For those who don’t know, tell the people what a comedian is.”) DJ Envy usually plays the voice of reason on-air most of the time. (He recently caught bullets for his stop-and-frisk stance.) Off the air, DJ Envy is playing NO games when it comes to that bread! DJ Envy has been getting a bag behind the scenes in Hip-Hop for a looooong time. Take a scroll down his Instagram feed (@djenvy) and it looks like a late 90’s Hype Williams video with all the glimpses of his lavish lifestyle. The man even bought Tyga’s repossessed Ferrari (not really, it’s a BC joke) and held a birthday party at a Ferrari dealership. Believe it or not though, this isn’t a pocket-watching piece. This is a piece about living out your dreams, investing your money, and getting the keys. See, DJ Envy didn’t build his empire overnight. How did he do it? Check out the video below.

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KING RICH is the President and Ceo of Street Illustrated Inc. From the Street to the Corporate World, he is committed to bringing the Urban Life Style to the Mainstream.

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