DEA Employees In Trouble For Owning Ratchet NJ Strip Club


Two men, a former official and a civilian employee, who worked for the DEA are in hot water as they stand trial for conspiracy and making false statements, in connection to their ownership stakes in a seedy New Jersey strip club.

When going through the motions during the DEA hiring process, prospects must pass a background check. David Polos, 51, a former assistant special agent in charge and supervisor of the NY Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Strike Force, and Glen Glover, 46, a telecommunications specialist said they had no other employment outside of the DEA. In actuality, they both had ownership interest in the Twins Plus Go-Go Lounge, a strip club South Hackensack, NJ. According to the NY Times, Polos and Glover both worked regular shifts at the club, “hiring and firing dancers and bouncers, and monitoring activities through a video surveillance system.” It was supposedly an “open secret” among DEA personnel, who were regular patrons of the club.

The allegations against the two men go further than lying to their federal employer. The Times reports:

Prosecutors want to show that the defendants and others openly discussed how the club’s dancers were largely illegal immigrants, mostly from Brazil or Russia, who had to pay other undocumented immigrants to drive them to the club, and then had to pay to be able to dance there.

According to reports, the defense is working to block video evidence that the government plans to present in court. The 20 minutes of video shows four lap dances and drug use, showing the level of promiscuity and lawlessness that prevailed in the club. The defense feels that the footage of “third parties engaged in graphic sexual conduct” will make the jury prejudiced against the defendants.

Furthermore, the prosecution accuses Polos of arranging extra shifts for one of the dancers, with whom, he had an “intimate relationship” so that she could pay debts she owed to a “‘coyote’ who facilitated her transfer to the Newark area.” This relationship is viewed as further evidence of false statements made by Polos, who claimed he had no “close or continuing contact with foreign nationals,” during his background check.

Polos has since retired from the agency. Glover was placed in indefinite suspension. Both men have pleaded not guilty to charges and their trial is set to commence on May 2.

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