Cops Hit The Block With Steroids???


In Connecticut, a story has been brewing over the past year about a steroid ring headed by law enforcement personnel. At least ten people have been indicted in the case, including a police sergeant, a dispatcher and judicial marshal. Earlier this week, John Koch admitted his role in the scheme by pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids.

The steroid ring was headed by Steven Santucci, a former sergeant in the Newtown Police Department. He was the face of the department after the horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. According to the DEA, Santucci would receive shipments of steroid ingredients from China and manufacture the drug. He and his team would distribute the roids to bodybuilders at local gyms.

Acting as Santucci’s primary distributor was Jason Chickos, a civilian who had worked as a dispatcher for the department for over a decade. According to News Times:

Authorities said he and Santucci sometimes made drug deals inside the police department. In a Feb. 6 exchange of text messages quoted in an arrest affidavit, Santucci told Chickos to leave money for a steroids order on his desk.

“OK I’m working tmrw again at 3pm,” Chickos responded, according to the affidavit. “If you’re off from work I can meet ya earlier. Gonna leave another envelope on your desk also.”

In addition to the steroid, the crew also slung prescription pills, such as oxycodone, and cocaine. During the course of the investigation, named “Operation Juice Box,” the feds seized hundreds of vials of steroids, approximately 600 grams of raw testosterone powder, approximately 350 grams of powder cocaine and four long “long guns.”

Koch was one of the distributors. He was arrested in June 2015. He is scheduled for sentencing on July 1. Koch faces a maximum term of imprisonment of 10 years and a fine of up to $500,000. He is released on a bond of $100,000.

Santucci pleaded guilty to steroid distribution and money laundering. He is awaiting sentencing.

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