No matter what–be it loss of life, federal investigations, lengthy legal proceedings, jail, etc.–it seems like police officers across the country refuse to stop abusing their power. Cops are quick to violate any right that you have as a citizen of this nation, as evidenced by countless reports. An instance of innocent people’s civil rights being violated by the law comes from this weekend in Canton, MS.

According to sources close to the situation, on June 26, a domestic dispute erupted between a couple at the Canton Estate Apartment complex. A woman kicked her boyfriend out of the apartment. He left, but came back to break a window, go inside and get his belongings. The woman called the police, who showed up to the scene an hour later. The presence of the cops caused residents who were hanging out outside to run to their apartments. The police followed Khadaffy Manning and his wife, Treesia Manning, who were not involved in the incident cops were called for. When the cops knocked on the door, Treesia answered and the police ran into the apartment and choked Khadaffy (who has been hobbled with a spinal cord injury after getting shot recently) before handcuffing him. The concerned, woke  wife started recording the encounter with her cell phone. The cops attempt to coerce the couple into confessing or giving statements, with threats of incarceration, mocking them all the while. They eventually left, without charging anyone with anything.

According to a trusted legal professional, this whole event was “a total violation” of the Mannings’ civil rights. First, the police entered the home without a warrant, they were not in hot pursuit of a suspect and no one inside of that apartment was in imminent danger. The choking is out of order, as we all know. It was false imprisonment when the cops handcuffed Khadaffy in his own home. Then trying to get the Mannings to confess or give a statement with threats of charges violated their Miranda rights ( or the right to remain silent).

Community organizer, Lawrence Blackmon reached out to us to inform us of a protest scheduled to be held at Canton city hall on Friday. He said:

Police misconduct and abuse is a common occurrence in Canton. Unfortunately, little to nothing is ever done about it, as the vast majority of Canton residents are poor and unable to pursue proper recourse. In addition, it is very rare for instances like this to be caught on video. Given those facts it is imperative that this is used as an opportunity to bring this chronic issue of Police misconduct and abuse in the city of Canton to light. We, the citizens of this town, state, and country, deserve better…

Video of the incident can be seen below, as well as information for the protest:

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