Nardwuar interviews are usually among the best you can watch. The Canadian host thoroughly researches his subjects and asks the questions no one else would think to. Usually the artists Nardwuar interviews are awe struck by the unexpected stroll down memory lane.

Today, Nardwuar dropped an interview he did with Cam’Ron in Vancouver. Among the first questions Nardwuar asks is about a speech Killa Cam rapped at his elementary school graduation. Cam spat the hip-hop address without a hitch. “Sixth grade, killed it,” boasted Cam. “That’s good today.”

Cam also speaks on the Harlem rap scene he came up in. He remembers growing up with the late Big L and incarcerated Bad Boy artist Loon (who he said had moved to Cali, at one point, and started gangbanging). Nardwuar also asks Cam to react to some of the statements that Drake made about him in a previous interview and talks about strongarming the “Oh Boy” beat from Just Blaze. A lot of ground is covered in the 17-minute interview. Truly one of the most personal interviews Cam’Ron has done.

Check out the video below: 

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