Since the 1960’s, people have left Belize and made their way to American shores. One of the major hubs of Belizean immigrants has been South Los Angeles, more particularly, the Western, Normandie, and Vermont corridors. Belizeans started joining South LA gangs in the 1980’s, blending Black culture with their own native culture.  These days, practically every gang from Venice to Florence between Vermont and Crenshaw is predominantly Belizean. Gangs that boast heavy Belizean membership include the Fruit Town Brims, Rollin 30s Crips, 52 Hoover Gangsters, Trouble Gangster Crips, Van Ness Gangsters, Rollin 20s Bloods, Rollin 40s Crips and Black P Stones.

Big Stretch, an LA Bloods member, explains the Belizean influence on South LA Gangs below


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