Details are emerging in the recent signing of Atlanta rapper Eearz to Interscope records. He was signed for a whopping 6.5 million dollars. This is a record-breaking deal to be offered to any artist.

Interscope Records is definitely putting a lot of faith in this new artist. There are many up and coming artists with a slightly larger buzz, so what makes him a stand out? He was previously signed to Mike Will’s Ear Drummer Records where he released his first project “Eearz to da Streets Vol.1”. Maybe the label thinks he’ll be a cash cow similar to Rae Sremmurd who also came through Ear Drummer Records…Interscope has bet the house with this one, but we have a feeling it will pay off.

We were able to catch up with Eearz before he left for tour and managed to get a freestyle so good it made us believers. His fans rave about him and his live shows are said to be second to none. In spite of his narrow body of work Interscope is confident that he will be one of the greats.

Record execs on board have made comparisons to the late Tupac Shakur and maintain their excitement for the new Atlanta rapper. It is very rare to compare any artist to the legendary Tupac so we immediately combed through his music to see for ourselves. After fully listening to his music we feel confident that Eearz can live up to the hype and the huge contract. However we still cant help but think this just too bold of a move for a major label.

His content rivals that of a conscious rapper while oddly keeping a street edge. Eearz packs a punch with a very powerful delivery similar to Tupac while maintaining the metaphoric aspect of his artistry. His flow can often take on a poetic feel while remaining gritty. But will a widespread demographic receive him as the star that Interscope Records hopes he’ll be?

Just announced is his 30 city tour with Lil Yachty and Rae Sremmurd. I guess this 23 year old innovator is breaking down internal barriers within the industry to make way before delivering at a consistent rate to the public eye. This will be his first major tour but footage from his performances would entertain the hardest of critics. In spite of many doubters, Eearz is extremely confident in what he has to offer the industry. He promises to “bring hip hop back home”.

Maybe this huge investment is a smoke screen just to hype and bring attention to their newest artist, or they could be investing in a diamond in the ruff and we just don’t know.

What do you think about this groundbreaking record deal?

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